Where to buy, release date, flavors, and everything you need to know

Where to buy, release date, flavors, and everything you need to know

This summer, Insomnia Cookies is unveiling a brand-new collection of cookies that draw inspiration from a multitude of specialty food items that are unique to state fairs.

Summer is synonymous with a number of fun activities, and state fairs are one of them. These fairs bring with them a plethora of deep-fried delicacies, funnel cakes, pizza cones, cannoli dessert nachos and more.

Insomnia Cookies is presenting its own take on state fair-inspired cookies, packing nostalgia into three new innovative flavors. The brand has announced that the collection will be available in-store, for local delivery and via nationwide shipping from Tuesday, May 31, to Sunday, June 26.

Insomnia Cookies unveils three new state fair-inspired flavors

The Pennsylvania-based cookie store deviated from its usual fan-favorite state fair snacks, opting for three innovative flavor profiles instead.



Here are the official descriptions for the new rollouts:

Blue Ribbon Blueberry Cookie: A prize winner for sure, Blue Ribbon Blueberry is baked with dried blueberries, oats, and graham crackers. A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar adds the finishing touch.

Caramel Corn Cookie: A cookie packed with snacks on snacks. Caramel popcorn, toffee bits, caramel bits, and roasted peanuts. Sticky, salty, sweet, and crunchy all in one.

Deluxe Filled Churro Cookie: A churro dough cookie filled with melty chocolate cookie butter and topped with the cinnamon sugar goodness of the State Fair.



The store also offers two combo deals, the first of which is the ‘State Fair 4+4 Pack.’ This allows guests to choose four Deluxe Cookies in addition to four Classic Cookies. It is only available in-store and for local delivery.

The second deal, the State Fair 4+6 Pack, allows guests to choose four Deluxe Cookies in addition to six Classic Cookies, available for nationwide shipping.

The Blue Ribbon Blueberry Cookie, Caramel Corn Cookie and Deluxe Filled Churro Cookie will also be offered as part of a trio of the brand’s classic ice cream sandwiches.

Insomnia Cookies is also running a special event celebrating June as ‘Wichfest,’ as a part of which all guests will get a $2 discount off any of its ‘Wich products.’



These ice cream sandwiches will also be available through June 26, but only in-store and for local delivery.

Here are their official descriptions:

Blue Ribbon Blueberry Monster’wich: Vanilla ice cream with Snickerdoodle cookies mashed in between two Blue Ribbon Blueberry cookies

Caramel Corn Cookie’wich: Vanilla ice cream between two Caramel Corn cookies

Deluxe Filled Churro Cookie’wich: Chocolate ice cream between two Deluxe Filled Churro cookies

Other recent product rollouts by Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies went all out for their Spring and Valentine’s Day-themed rollouts. The floral and fruity Spring collection is comprised of the following items:



Hibiscus Berry Cookie: A bright hibiscus cookie packed with melty white chocolate, sweet strawberries and cranberries.

Lemon Poppy Seed Cookie: A warm, fresh lemon cookie bursting with bites of bright lemony goodness sprinkled with poppy seeds.

The Valentine’s Day special rollout revamped the Classic Red Velvet cookies and offered a slew of other red velvet-themed confections. These included Deluxe Filled Red Velvet cookies, Red Velvet Cookie Butter, Mini Red Velvet Cookies N Cream cookies, Red Velvet Loaded Brownies, Red Velvet Big Dippers, Heart Cookie Cakes and more.

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