What is Riverside County doing to help mental health?  a lot

What is Riverside County doing to help mental health? a lot

In my 18 years serving on the Riverside County Behavioral Health Commission and in my role at the Coachella Valley Unified School District, I have witnessed great strides in the diversity and availability of mental health treatment programs for youth and young adults in our region.

I applaud the innovation and dedication of behavioral health professionals in Riverside County. We must continue to expand resources, normalize seeking help, look out for the well-being of our youth and respond to their needs.

Often, young people hesitate to seek help for mental health issues because of the stigma surrounding treatment or the fear that they will be labeled as unstable. Instead, they suffer anxiety, depression and other symptoms in silence.

Locally, Riverside County has taken numerous steps to address the need by increasing the affordability and convenience of treatment for all ages. The county continues to push the envelope on service, putting innovative programs in place. It’s critical we keep this progress going.

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