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Ways to get rid of pessimism and expel it from your life forever

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Ways to get rid of pessimism make you a better person. The path of failure and defeat creates a weak person who accepts negative feelings and interacts with them with all your heart, which leads you over time to become a pessimist, but what is the way to escape from pessimism? Where many people have this question, especially in light of these difficult days that make us feel helpless and neglected, and it has been shown that the path of optimism paves the way for everyone, but you must first choose success and leave your previous failed attempts aside to see the bright side of your personality. It is difficult to rely on him because he lacks self-confidence, so you have to combat the negative thoughts and push them away from you to escape the shadow of pessimism yourself.

What is pessimism?

Pessimism is a set of negative automatic thoughts that attack a person, interact with them, believe them, and then give in to them. Although we all experience such negative thoughts and feelings throughout the day, a pessimist has a very difficult time figuring out the best ways to get rid of pessimism . The storage of these feelings leads to isolation and loneliness in many cases.

Reasons for pessimism

There are many reasons hidden in the guise of pessimism, and they are:

  • Wrong thinking : A pessimist faces a state of negative generalization resulting from either the accumulation of negative past experiences as a result of exposure to many pressures, or distorted knowledge and erroneous thoughts such as the world is a home of misery, and this thinking leads the owner to give in to negative thoughts.
  • Lack of energy : happiness will come to you if you seek it, and in order to be attracted to positive things, you must seek it and practice the act of happiness. Standing waiting for happiness to come to you means that you will stay for a long time in order to reach a hope that may not be achieved.
  • Loss of self-confidence : A pessimistic person is a person who has lost confidence in himself and in the ability of his Creator to change the course of his life. Our confidence in ourselves stems primarily from our absolute confidence in the Lord of the universe and his ability to facilitate livelihoods for us. He will surely face the specter of depression soon, and he must find the quickest way to get rid of pessimism to control it.
  • Absence of motivation to change : A pessimistic person is a person without will and subject to external circumstances, and quick to respond to the comments of those around him as a result of his low self-confidence, and he is not able to quit anyone who belittles him and reduces his dignity.
  • Focusing on subjective experiences : pessimistic people think about a lot of negative things only, such as remembering their painful experiences, lost opportunities, or lost trade, and their whims tend to find a problem for every solution. problems, which leads to an increase in the severity of the problem.
  • Negative friends : The proximity of a pessimist to negative people leads to a worsening of the situation, so you should stay away from these people and approach people who generate positive energy who want to live a more calm and joyful life.

Signs that you are pessimistic

If you want to live a positive reality, your thoughts must be a mirror of your reality. The bad days we go through often make us feel pessimistic. The following signs tell you if you are pessimistic or not. If you meet some or all of the following signs, then I must Looking for the best ways to get rid of pessimism , here are the signs:

  • Thinking about your life in a “what if this doesn’t work?” Instead of thinking “what if it works?”
  • Easily surrender to the course of events and things.
  • Feeling dull and indifferent when things go wrong.
  • Always expect to hear the sad news.
  • Selfish often.
  • Difficulty overcoming crises and forgiving others for their mistakes.
  • Discomfort with optimistic people.
  • Engage in negative self-talk.

The negative effects of pessimism

Pessimism leaves deep traces in its owner, the most important of which are:

  • Depression and many other emotional and mental problems : Pessimism causes a feeling of pain and a feeling of permanent disability, insomnia, malnutrition, and severe body aches.
  • Neglecting health : A person’s health is greatly affected by his psychological state, and pessimism is negatively reflected on health. You find that pessimistic people suffer from heart problems, high levels of harmful cholesterol, high blood pressure and general wasting.
  • Making wrong and negative decisions : A pessimistic person finds it very difficult to make a fateful decision in his life. If he does so, it is usually a wrong decision that is not in his interest because he does not think positively about the future, which leads him to pay attention to unhealthy things such as smoking and drinking alcohol in an attempt to escape from reality.

What are the types of pessimism?

There are two types of pessimism:

  • Unconscious pessimism : It is a negative feeling without a goal or hope, and it leads its owner only to depression, and to find out the best ways to get rid of pessimism , he must search for the causes of this feeling and confront them decisively.
  • Conscious pessimism : It is a useful pessimism closely related to the stage of planning for a future matter. In many cases, you have to assume the worst, especially if you are about to open a new project or plan a new thing. This pessimism is useful instead of optimism. It is difficult. You have to study the questions well and anticipate the worst in order for this obsession to push you to study more intensively and better.

Ways to get rid of pessimism

Get rid of pessimism in just 5 steps, which are as follows:

  • Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones : Find things that make you happy, as a person is always able to renew his thoughts by developing his way of thinking and replacing the pessimistic view with one filled with life and hope.
  • Make a gratitude list : focus on the things you have and look into them instead of looking for those things that you lack, be grateful for everything you have and be proud of and strive to develop, and to stimulate your mind to think positively write 5 things that make you feel grateful during the day, and read them at the end today.
  • Accept defeat : Trying things does not necessarily mean achieving great real gains. Losing and accepting some things is very important, so be sure to stop looking at setbacks and turn them into great opportunities to achieve a great victory later.
  • The happiest of others : Caring for others and trying to make them happy reduces the chances of pessimism, so you have to start with yourself and honor those around you to feel more contentment and self-acceptance.
  • Talking positively to ourselves: We are the worst enemies of ourselves. We are the first to stand in the way of our happiness. If you want to achieve success, you must first accept yourself, and speak about yourself with pride.


Being pessimistic is your decision alone, but you have to know that pessimism is a bumpy road that you will walk alone, and you will achieve many defeats and breaks that will make you feel more frustration and despair and will make you in a bad psychological state and will cause you depression, and instead try to think positively about yourself and your future and that Looking for ways to get rid of pessimism while being patient to reach the desired results.

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