To maintain mental health, avoid habits that are very harmful to your mental health

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Mental health is very important, as it is the basis of all mental illnesses. Therefore, you must take care and pay attention to mental health so that you do not harm yourself from several sides and suffer from mental illnesses that subsequently affect your life and your personality in a very negative way. Psychologist Jin Tiong says, “Modern life is not good for mental health.” Although this saying is small, it is an important statement that supports what most of us think, but we do not talk about.

We live in a world where everything is available at the click of a button, but with that, our psychological problems are on the increase. Compared to our ancestors, we live a good life, where we have air conditioners, home food delivery, and washing machines. We literally do not have to work as hard as we can. Yes, those things, but despite all these luxuries, we have a short rest time and we are under a lot of pressure.

We have created a world in which we cannot grow, and as a result, our mental and physical health is suffering. Because of technology, our lives have become easier, but being easier does not mean that it is better.

Man needs fresh air, sunlight, and food from nature, and he needs to exercise and communicate with others in order to grow, and modern life does not provide us with these things, so our mental health has become in crisis.

Habits that harm mental health

We do not move our body enough.

Despite the progress of the available health care, we are in a worse state of health than before. We have heard about people at a young age who suffer from diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, etc., and all this is due to the modern life we ​​live in.

Years ago, before we had all these devices, we had to work to get food, water and shelter, and we were living close to nature, and all of this required us to move constantly in order to get what we wanted.

But now we live in big cities where we don’t do anything. If we want to get food, we drive the car to the nearest supermarket to buy food, and we work long hours on a chair in order to pay for shelter.

The lack of movement does not only harm our physical health, but it also leads to anxiety and depression, as exercising produces the hormone endorphins, which improves the mood of the individual and resists the psychological problems that we face, such as anxiety and depression.

The person is easily affected by the habits surrounding him, and unfortunately many of us buy things that they do not need, either because of the habit or an attempt by them to fill the void in their lives. But it is known that buying things does not lead to happiness, but on the contrary, it may lead to anxiety and tension.

Research has shown that the buying experience in itself is what makes a person happy, as a person communicates with the things he does more than with the things he uses.

Not prioritizing sleep

There is a close relationship between lack of sleep and depression and anxiety, we need to get enough sleep to be able to perform our tasks. But this modern life that we live does not give any importance to sleep

Technology, stress, lack of exercise, poor diet and other factors lead to lack of sleep, which in turn increases the psychological problems we face. Also, the caffeine we drink during the day to keep us awake may affect our sleep at night.

Increased use of smart phones and technology in general:

There is no surprise that with the increase in the use of smartphones, there is an increase in the psychological problems that we face. A study has shown that people who spend a lot of time on social networking sites are more likely to develop depression.

Before smartphones, people used to talk face to face and have deep conversations as there were no distractions, but now there are many ways to distract and make us mentally unattended in the real world.

Because of our integration into the virtual world, we have become less connected with ourselves and with the world around us, and this separation between reality and ourselves has exacerbated anxiety and depression.

Not spending a lot of time outside:

Man needs nature in order to be able to survive, but it seems that we have shown a scientist to protect us from it, that the lack of exposure to sunlight means a lack of vitamin D in the body and a deficiency in many factors that help regulate blood circulation and the immune system.

Studies have shown that people who walk in parks rather than city streets are calmer and less frustrated.

In the end, our modern life does not necessarily require us to follow the general public, but we have to make sure that we get enough sleep, clean air, sunlight and healthy food, as doing all these things while using less technology and buying what we don’t need will give us a better look. For life and therefore better mental health.

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