Think iPhone 13 is expensive?  Leaked iPhone 14 price too?  Wait till you read this

Think iPhone 13 is expensive? Leaked iPhone 14 price too? Wait till you read this

If you are someone who conders that the Apple iPhone 13 is expensive and that iPhone 14 will be even more so, then wait til you read this!

If you are someone who thinks that the Apple iPhone 13 is expensive and that iPhone 14 – expected price $1,199 – will be even more so, then wait till you read what is coming! So, it is always better to start from the beginning. If we go back to June 2007, when the original iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs, the price was $599 for the 8GB storage variant. Who knew then that $999 (Rs. 79,900) would be a normal price for future iPhones at that time? As the years passed, we have seen major upgrades in the iPhone design, camera features, chipset, battery performance, and so on. And rising prices have come along with each step forward. Looking ahead, with such upgrades promised every year, what will be the price of an iPhone in future- a decade from today?

Cut to 2032. How much will it really cost you? Smartphone marketplace Mozillion has predicted the price and it will shock you. It says that we could be paying over $6,000 for iPhones by 2032! This prediction comes after an analysis of the rising cost of smartphones over the last decade, and based on that, the company has put out some solid numbers regarding how much further smartphone prices will rise over the next ten years. Also read: THIS could be the iPhone 14 price at launch based on new leaks; BIG problem for fans

iPhones are at the top of the list with the biggest hikes in prices!

So far, even as iPhone prices are rising, people are still lapping them up and with this great success in the market, other companies like Samsung are following the trend by unveiling their pricey phones too. And so do the other brands, which were known to bring affordable smartphones such as Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi and others.

If this race continues at the same speed even in the next decade, then the smartphone prices will reach sky-high levels! For example, $1,099 is the price for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. According to the analysis by Mozillion, if this trend keeps going strong, then the iPhone in 2032 could cost around $6,069! In comparison, on June 9, 2008, Apple said this, “In the US the new iPhone 3G is priced at a stunning $199 for the 8GB model, and just $299 for the 16GB model.” In fact, while introducing the New iPhone 3G, Apple said it was “Twice as Fast at Half the Price.”

As far as other companies are concerned, then know that prices of flagships of Motorola and Huawei would soar too. For instance, high-end phones from Huawei could be priced around $3,300, while Motorola’s premium smartphones may cost more than $3,333 by 2032.

Like it or not, you better get ready to pay through your nose if you want a premium phone in the future, especially the iPhone.

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