Thieves trying to enter are thwarted by locked cars |  Top Stories

Thieves trying to enter are thwarted by locked cars | Top Stories

A Ross Road resident June 15 called police and said he has video surveillance of a man entering the driveway at his house in the early morning hours. He said the man tried to open car doors, but the doors were locked.

A Walworth Avenue caller June 15 said a man wearing sweatpants and a hoodie tried to open her car doors, which were locked. Thwarted, the man left her driveway.

On June 16 a Carstensen Road resident told police she saw a man trying to enter her car, which was locked. She said a man wearing a black and white sweater, gray sweatpants and black gloves tried to open the doors of her Jeep, valued at $33,000, which was parked in her driveway. Failing to gain access, he got into a white SUV parked on Crane Road and drove away, heading east.

A Walworth Avenue caller June 18 told police someone tried to enter their locked parked cars but nothing was taken.

A caller on Wayside Lane June 15 reported she heard her side gate opening late that night; police responded and checked the area with negative results.

A Sheldrake Road resident June 13 told police a car key fob might be missing. The chauffeur said he was the last one to have it and he had placed the fob inside the house June 6 after parking the car in the garage. The homeowner said the house had not been unlawfully entered — only the chauffeur, chef and housekeeper had been inside the house. They all told the police they did not have the car key fob, which did not include a house key. The homeowner has a spare key to the car. A report was made for documentation.

That’s an excavator, not a leaf blower

Police went June 13 to an address on Elm Road where a gas-powered leaf blower was reported in use. They saw an excavator being used, not a blower.

A Post Road caller June 13 reported multiple coyotes in the area. Police searched the area with negative results.

A dead raccoon was reported as a road hazard June 15 on Weaver Street. Police on arrival said it was off the roadway and not causing a hazard. A note was made for the sanitation department for collection.

A wolf was reported June 16 by a Cushman Road caller who said the wolf was in her yard. Police arrived and saw a juvenile coyote, which ran off as they approached.

Police searched for a coyote reported in a backyard on Colby Lane June 16. The homeowner was told why police were in their yard. The coyote wasn’t located.

A dead opossum probably hit by a car was reported June 18 on Jefferson Road. Police moved it out of the roadway and the sanitation department was notified.

Police received a call from a Lyft driver June 13 who said she was on Greenacres Avenue having a problem with a passenger. She said they argued but nothing physical occurred and the passenger got out of her car and left. It’s unclear if the driver was paid.

School bus swipes a parked car

A caller reported a school bus sideswiped a parked Volvo June 14 on Boulevard and Madison Road. No one was injured and information was exchanged.

Mahadi Mervyn Kinlow, 23, from New York City, was arrested June 14 at Weaver Street and Old Lyme Road charged with various motor vehicle offenses after police patrolling the area for burglars saw his car, an older BMW sedan, with a flat tire and missing license plates, trying to make a U-turn. A traffic stop was conducted and Kinlow showed his license as identification; police learned his learner’s permit was suspended for failure to respond to summonses 11 times on four separate dates. Kinlow was placed under arrest and brought to police headquarters for processing. He was given a ticket to appear at Scarsdale Village court June 29.

Who’s banging on the door?

Police responded to Fox Meadow Road June 14 after a caller said his son, 13, was home alone and a bearded man with red hair was banging on the door. The teen said the man got into a white SUV before police arrived. He was told to call the police if the man returned.

Fraudulent business account

A Scarsdale resident went to police headquarters June 14 to report a fraudulent business account had been opened in New Jersey using her information and her husband’s. They’re not out any money. The account has since been closed and she is monitoring their credit.

Police received a report June 14 from a caller on Olmsted Road who said teens were disorderly and congregating in a parking lot. Police said it was a library study night and the teens were not disorderly.

Loud teens were reported June 14 on Wakefield Road. On arrival, police saw there was a gathering at a home that was not noisy. The homeowner was contacted and said the gathering was ending shortly and the music was already turned off.

A noisy party was reported June 17 on Morris Lane. Police arrived and the homeowner was contacted about the DJ who lowered the volume. The party was ending and the children, who were celebrating their fifth grade graduation, were being picked up by their parents.

A large teen party was reported June 17 on Brite Avenue. Police saw teens enjoying themselves at the rear of the residence. The homeowner said she would assist the teens getting home to their respective houses.

Loud music was reported June 17 from a residence on Secor Road. Police on arrival said there was no music playing.

A caller June 18 reported noisy teens in cars parked on the dead end of Wildwood Road. Police saw four teens not making noise. They were advised of the complaint and said they would be quieter.

The volume was turned down on outside music at a teen party June 18 on Fox Meadow Road after a caller complained. The complainant called the police again an hour later and police returned to the residence. The host turned the outside music off and told the teens to go inside.

Police took a report from an Ardmore Road resident June 15 who said a car with New Jersey license plates was parked in front of his house. Police said the car was legally parked. They spoke with a neighbor who said the car belonged to a relative visiting from out of town. The neighbor said they would move the car.

A custodian June 15 reported soccer players on a field by Quaker Ridge School on Weaver Street who weren’t supposed to be there. The players left after police told them they needed a permit from the Scarsdale Board of Education to play on the field.

Forgot where he parked the car

On June 15, a caller reported an older man on Fox Meadow and Fenimore roads who seemed like he couldn’t find his way home. Police met with the man who said he couldn’t remember where he parked his car due to construction on Walworth Avenue. The car was located on Greenacres Avenue and Colvin Road. When the man’s son arrived, the older man police he didn’t need told further assistance other than following patrol to his legally parked vehicle.

Resident argues with live-in aide

A Mamaroneck Road resident June 16 called police after she’d been trying all day to get her live-in aide to leave. Police responded and found the aide upstairs, packing. She said she would be contacting her employer and the resident’s son. She took her things and waited outside for a ride. Police spoke to the homeowner’s son who said he would stay with his mother for the evening.

A two-car collision happened June 16 on Scarsdale Avenue when one car stopped suddenly for another car as it left a parking lot. A car traveling in front of that car was rear-ended when the other car stopped short. After the collision, the two drivers interacted until one of them said she would be right back and left but never returned. Police said no one was injured. A report was made.

One person was reported injured June 19 on Murray Hill Road when a driver making a left hand turn from Mamaroneck Road hit a bicyclist who was stopped at the signal. Ambulance crew arrived to treat the cyclist who refused treatment.

A light odor of propane was reported June 15 in a building on Garth Road. The building was ventilated and a stove was checked as the possible source of the odor. Gas was detected near the stove and Con Edison Gas was notified and took over the scene, releasing firefighters.

Firefighters went to Bradford Road June 16 for a reported chimney or flue fire. On arrival, smoke was seen in the house, likely caused by a lightning strike. There was a burning odor on the first floor of the house and multiple breakers were tripped in the basement electrical panel.

A burning odor was noted in a laundry room on the first floor and a light switch was seen smoking near an exit. A tree close to the house also appeared to be damaged from the lightning strike. Firefighters attributed the burning odor in the laundry room to a smoldering flexible dryer exhaust line and insulation in the wall.

Firefighters removed some sheetrock in the laundry room to check if the fire had spread, but no spread was found. The resident was told to call an electrician for the panel, a contractor to fix the wall, an appliance repair service to evaluate the washer and dryer, and a tree company for the tree. A portion of the backyard was taped off by the tree.

An odor of electrical burning was reported June 17 in a house on Haverford Avenue; firefighters detected an odor of gas inside a utility room in the basement. Con Edison Gas responded and detected a natural gas leak. The technician took over the scene and released firefighters.

A Palmer Avenue caller June 17 reported smoke coming from the rear of a house. An unattended fire pit was found smoldering and emitting a moderate amount of smoke. Firefighters extinguished the fire. The resident was located and told about the incident.

Wires were reported burning June 18 on Bradley Road. The hazard area was isolated using apparatus, barrier tape and firefighters to secure the scene. Con Edison Electric was notified and police assisted firefighters maintaining a safe area and with crowd control due to the proximity of a busy public park. Con Edison arrived and removed the hazard.

An improperly working stove hood vent fan brought firefighters June 19 to a house on Corell Road. A resident said they’d been cooking and smoke activated the alarm. The resident was advised to contact the contractor who installed the fan to correct the problem.

A Sycamore Road resident June 19 reported an odor of gas coming from a gas fireplace in the living room. On arrival firefighters detected no odor or gas readings, but a slight leak was detected to the furnace line. Con Edison Gas was contacted to check further.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire activity from June 13 to June 19, was made from official reports.

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