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The effect of smartphones on marital relationships

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You may notice that conversations between couples have been exchanged with a variety of social media applications or social networking sites. The Internet has become a barrier between people even in bed! Most of the individuals carry smartphones with him constantly wherever he goes, whether classrooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, outdoors, work, the smartphone has always been at hand. Some feel that it is a performance of self-defense from the evil that exists in the world. Technological advances happen so quickly that we don’t have enough time to set limits on smartphone use and we find ourselves unable to save our relationships and shape interactions. There is no doubt that smartphones are useful in many cases, yet they have a twisting effect on social relations.

The effect of smartphones on marital relationships:


The smartphone is the icon of the modern era and so commonly used, you will rarely find anyone without it. It accompanies us wherever we go and needs our attention several times a day. You need to make a phone call, see Facebook notifications, and we are giving priority to the virtual community. For example, a couple prefers to be on Instagram at the dinner you eat to share with your friends and you may not do that with your partner.

Smart phones make you lose the sense of the present moment and the unique moments of admiration between you, smart phones distract you from the real moments to the interest in being on social networking sites to share their impressions. Which made it difficult to devote our attention to devotion to the present moment.

poor contact:

Smartphones can be the culprit behind the breakdown of communication between spouses. It’s hard to have a successful intimate relationship because email notifications continue to beep and smartphones have replaced long, deep conversations with your Facebook status update.

In fact, some people talk more about their relationships on Facebook than direct relationships. He becomes obsessed with how our lives look to others through the digital glass and we forget how important it is to invest in the present moment. Smartphone users may prefer communicating with others through social networks and various applications than communicating with the person who is next to them.

destabilization of relationships

In order to maintain the marital relationship, you need continuous giving, so that we think of the other party as much as we think of ourselves, but smart phones have become able to upset this balance and increase the ego of individuals and increase anxiety and tension, so they are interested in notifications of liking their photos on Instagram, and thus the focus is focused This leads to a vicious circle, where the more interaction with the virtual world, the more it leads to the following:

  • You become disinterested in the real world.
  • Get to know more strangers on the Internet.
  • Do not interact with your partner.
  • You lose touch with the real world.

Prioritize the unimportant:

I have become convinced that the need to reply to emails or verify social media accounts is an urgent need for us over and over again, a natural result of which there is an excessive attachment to smartphones, reduced personal interactions, and we fall under the illusion that smartphones improve our relationship and experiences and feel anxious if we are away from Our phones for 30 minutes.

Smartphone and separation anxiety

If you don’t set limits on your smartphone usage you will become addicted to it. With the increase of your presence on social networking sites increases the distances between spouses. They may be subject to separation.

More secrets:

One of the spouses may fall into an affair as a result of being constantly on social networking sites, and this certainly leads to many issues in marital life, and smartphones exacerbate this problem because of the many messages of communication between you. Thus, smartphones are responsible for a host of dark secrets in your life.

love rivalry:

If you are in a restaurant with your wife for a romantic dinner together but you seem to take care of your smartphones while you are together, that seems unusual. Which increases the anger of the other party and the feeling of jealousy towards this behavior.

lack of confidence:

Studies indicate that the use of the smartphone reduces trust between the two parties, especially with the frequent use due to the lack of closeness between you and the absence of daily conversations. All these factors led to a trust gap between the spouses.

There are a number of signs that you / you may show that you are addicted to using smart phones:

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your smartphone always with you?
  • Do you put your smartphone on the table next to the bed?
  • Is he on the coffee table while you hug each other?
  • Does your partner not have to talk to you while on social media?
  • Do you turn off your phone while at home?

If one of the following behaviors seems unfamiliar, it means that smartphones can harm your relationships.

To avoid the harm of smartphones on the marital relationship:

  • Set a dedicated time to spend with your partner without using the smartphone, and you can set time schedules to deal with the smartphone while you are at home, and it is preferable not to use it when you go out together at the end of the week.
  • Do not try to carry the smartphone with you to the bedroom.
  • Try to achieve self-discipline and take personal responsibility for the amount of time you spend on smartphones in order to strike a balance between reaping the benefits of the Internet and avoiding its negative impact on your personal and work life.

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