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The 10 most dangerous effects of mobile phones on health

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The 10 most dangerous negative effects of mobile phones on health

 It is certain that today we cannot dispense with mobile phones, as they have become a part of our lives, as the privacy of each person owning his own phone alone has helped to spread it widely, and it is also considered a quick way to communicate with others. From mobile phones, but slow down a little with this technological development, we must not forget that the most important and best factor to preserve is health, and therefore we have found that we have to draw your attention to the damages of frequent mobile phone use and the diseases that it causes until you try to avoid them and reduce your use of it As much as possible 

1- It reduces the ability to focus

Some studies have revealed that the amount a person looks at his mobile phone to monitor applications, news, photos and private messages takes a lot of his thought, focus and distraction, and therefore most countries prohibit phone calls when driving, so be careful not to use phones until absolutely necessary, especially when you are outside the house. 

2- General diseases

The mobile may cause you some diseases because writing and touching the buttons and the screen from time to time makes microbes and parasites attached to it, and then if you eat food immediately after using the mobile, it will pass to you after these microbes and infect you, so make sure to clean your hand well with soap and water after using the mobile and before Eat to avoid this infection.

3- Eye and vision problems

In addition to the proximity of the screen and the small distance between the mobile screen and your eyes, staring at the mobile phone causes several eye problems such as dryness, headache, fatigue and blurred vision. Therefore, keep your eyes safe by keeping a distance of at least 16 inches between your eyes and the screen, and choose a larger font for writing in The mobile also you should take a rest time of at least 20 seconds from time to time when you keep reading something on the mobile for a long time. 

4- Increased stress

You should know that once you buy the mobile, you are available 24 hours a day, and therefore you will not have time to relax. A study at the University of Worcester has shown that this constant pressure can make people mistakenly believe that their phone has a new message or a new connection to echo the tone in their mind! Therefore, turning off the mobile for at least one hour a day reduces your stress and tension and helps you relax.

5- Danger to the fetus 

Some studies have proven that the mobile phone has bad effects on the fetus. Exposure of the pregnant mother to it reduces the rate of fetal brain growth and leads to hyperactivity, and in the famous study in which a pregnant monkey was placed in a cage with a mobile phone and another pregnant monkey was placed in a cage without a mobile phone, After birth, it was found that the mouse under the influence of the mobile phone has fewer brain components than the one born without the influence of the mobile phone. Therefore, the mother who wants to preserve the safety of her fetus should avoid using the mobile phone frequently.

6- nervous disorders

The harmful radiation emitted from the mobile phone destroys DNA and DNA damage to brain cells leads to an imbalance in neurological functions, which leads to neurological disorders, as these rays reduce the level of melatonin, and the harmful electromagnetic rays emitted from the mobile phone lead To sleep disturbances, and then the occurrence of some neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. 

7- The risk of heart disease

In a research published in the European Journal of Oncology, it was found that the radiation emitted by wireless phones, including mobile phones, affects the work of the heart muscle, as it affects the red blood cells carrying hemoglobin, and thus increases the risk of heart disease, so be sure not to put the mobile phone near On the right side of your body, but make it away from the side of your heart.

8- It affects fertility

The electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones and heat may also kill sperm and affect them. It was found that many users of these phones have a decrease in the number of sperm, and this is due to the fact that sperm live at a temperature of four degrees Celsius and not like the temperature of the rest of the body. Therefore, the use of Mobile phones greatly affect fertility.

9- Hearing loss

The electromagnetic waves emitted by the mobile affect the inner ear, and it has been found that many of those who use the mobile for a long time, especially from the age of 18: 25 suffer from hearing loss. Therefore, you should avoid using the mobile and talking in it for a long time daily, because this would make you lose hearing.

10- Brain Cancer

The radiation emitted from the mobile phone would damage the brain cells in the long term, as the electromagnetic waves and heat emitted by the mobile phone lead to damage to the brain cells, and these waves have been classified globally as one of the causes of cancer, so be sure to reduce its use

After presenting these serious diseases caused by the mobile phone and this other face of technology, we no longer need your advice to quit using it or reduce its use because you definitely now know those risks and will try to avoid them as much as possible, but you will also advise those around you to reduce the use of the mobile phone … ……..Your health is a trust, preserve it….

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