Sleeping Beauty Goes Back to Its Grim Roots With a Twist in New Series

Sleeping Beauty Goes Back to Its Grim Roots With a Twist in New Series

Sleeping Beauty’s heroine rarely gets a chance to shine in her own right, but in Briar, a new comic from BOOM! Studios, she’ll face a dark world.

A new comic series from BOOM! Studios is putting a dark twist on Sleeping BeautyBriar #1 will retell the classic fairytale in a grim way, making the heroine her own savior. She will be forced into a world that never gave her a happily ever after to awaken to.

briar will be joining BOOM! Studios’ many hit offerings, including BRZRKR and Something’s Killing the Children. It will also be a fun new entry into classic story retelling, which BOOM! has similarly been doing with the release of Alice Ever After, which similarly puts darker twists on an iconic heroine. Sleeping Beauty has had numerous iterations, from Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm collection to Disney’s family-friendly animated classic. This will be the latest and it will be like none of the others.


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A new announcement from BOOM! Studios has revealed that briar will be a four-issue limited series. It has the creative team of Christopher Cantwell, Germán García, and Matheus Lopes. This dark fantasy epic will throw the iconic fairytale princess into an unfamiliar brutal fantasy world. Covers from Germán García, Yanick Paquette & Matheus Lopes, and Jenny Frison have been revealed for the first issue, as well as two character designs illustrated by Germán García. There will also be a variant cover illustrated by Mirka Andolfo for BOOM! Studios’ new series.

Cover for Boom!  Studios Briar #1

Cover for Briar #1

Cover for Briar #1 by Jenny Frison

Tree!  Studios Briar character design

Character design for Boom!  Studios Briar #1

What if Sleeping Beauty never got her happily ever after… and instead had to save herself? Set in a brutal fantasy world that time forgot, this isn’t the fairy tale you know!

Series writer, Christopher Cantwell says:

I’ve never gotten a chance to tell a high fantasy story of any kind, but I’ve always wanted to, ever since I discovered old Robert E. Howard stories. One thing that kept me hesitant was finding a proper way in – something new and different that also celebrates all the sword & sorcery fun seen in the best of the genre.

Christopher Cantwell – who is known for writing Iron Man and other comics – adds that the heroine is “someone that remembers the world one way, during a time of sheltered innocence, but has now overslept…and found herself in a place of complete entropic disarray.” She will be faced with questions of survival, the shape of her future following her awakening, and trying to find a sense of purpose within her life. Eric Harburn, the Executive Editor at BOOM! Studios, says “Unlike any fairy tale you’ve read before, BRIAR is the story of a heroine who takes survival into her own hands, even if it means getting them a bit bloody.”

The latest entry in fairy tale retellings promises to be a bit of a nightmare compared to what fans of the story may be used to. However, it may just be what the story needs to give the titular heroine control of her own story considering the problematic nature of some of the iterations of the tale. Instead of being at the mercy of whoever comes along to save her, she will have the opportunity to be her own hero and find her own path in her new life.

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Fans of fairy tale retellings should definitely check out Briar #1 TREE! Studios’ latest version of Sleeping Beauty when it releases in September.

Source: BOOM! Studios

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