Signs of emotional deprivation in women beware!

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Signs of emotional deprivation may appear in women for many reasons, it may be due to her husband’s neglect of her, or the recent increase in problems on both sides, the difficulty of living and the economic and social conditions of the family, which impede the two parties to express their feelings and love for each other, so the woman seeks a lot to seek attention From her husband and asked to talk about his feelings and her place in his heart, but the man always considers that the expression of love is not by talking but by actions, so differences arise between them in viewpoints, so women think that their men are stingy in their feelings, and thus women feel deprived and emotional need, and this leads to the creation of The so-called emotional void, the woman begins to feel that she has become worthless to her husband, and her only value lies in preparing food and raising children, so life turns into hell, but good solutions must be followed to get rid of these negative feelings.

Signs of emotional deprivation in women

The emotional deprivation of a woman is clearly visible in her, whether in her words or actions, and the signs that indicate a feeling of emotional deprivation in a woman are the following:

  • Silence constantly: The silence of the wife for long periods means that she suffers from depression and boredom , and this feeling results from the loss of the feeling of love and tenderness that she wants from her husband, and the husband should warn against his wife’s silence for a long time.
  • The disappearance of love: The husband’s neglect of his wife kills his love in her heart, as she does not feel any gratitude or love towards him, so the intelligent husband is the one who is keen to show interest in his wife, because he is the only way to reassure her heart and make her feel her value in his heart.
  • Destruction of the spirit of the marital relationship: One of the signs of a woman’s feeling of emotional deprivation is that she kills the spirit of the marital relationship, and as a result, the link between the spouses weakens, and there becomes a large gap between them, and this gap increases as the husband increases in his neglect of his wife.
  • A woman’s lack of appreciation for her husband’s good deeds: When a woman feels emotional deprivation, she will avoid talking to her husband about her feelings and how much she appreciates him, and her feelings towards him, in addition to that she will not feel the value of anything good he does for her.
  • Not talking to or calling the husband: If you notice that your wife does not want to talk to you, or does not call you throughout the day as usual, and she does not miss you like the first relationship, you should know that these are signs that show that your wife is going through a severe emotional void, and that she is bored from your relationship.

The emotional void of a married woman

Signs of emotional deprivation in women or emotional emptiness is a serious condition that sometimes occurs in marital relations , in which case the wife feels that there is no remaining love feelings from her husband, and this causes her to be in a state of constant anxiety and tension.

When a woman reaches this stage, she tends to fill her emotional void incorrectly, and in incorrect ways, which results in the destruction of marital relations.

The lack of disclosure of feelings of love is considered a major problem that can result in an emotional void in the wife, because she feels suffering because of her husband’s lack of expression of love and his permanent silence, and the disappearance of feelings and love between them.

These cases can eventually lead to divorce. In the absence of security, tenderness and feelings of love between the spouses and the disappearance of the language of dialogue between them, everything disappears and the only solution remains is separation.

Reasons for emotional deprivation between spouses

There are many reasons that lead to the emergence of signs of emotional deprivation in married women and men, including the following:

  • The difference in the proportion of formal beauty between the spouses, it is necessary that the proportion of the formal beauty of the spouses be equal so that no problems occur between the two parties and no signs of emotional coldness appear on one of the parties. The obnoxious woman.
  • A beautiful woman may not be satisfied with a man who is not beautiful in appearance and appearance, so she loves that her husband is as beautiful as she is.
  • Excessive preoccupation with one party in the relationship, whether it is with his job, his external relations, or his friends, and this may lead to widening the gap between the spouses, alienating the other party, and having to build relationships that fill his life, after losing love and tenderness at home.
  • The incompatibility of the inclinations and temperaments of the spouses with each other, and their inability to adapt to each other’s habits.
  • Marriage based on the obligation of the spouses or one of the parties, and this is considered coercion.
  • Preoccupation with raising children, taking care of them and their affairs and their lives, playing with them, offering them all pampering and love, and not offering anything to the other party in the relationship.
  • Not changing the routine life, or the usual places, relationships and acquaintances, and not renewing the means of entertainment and entertainment.
  • Social problems that are depressing in the home, such as behavioral or financial problems.
  • The vacuum that enters many homes, which is considered evil, may negatively affect Muslim societies, and may waste entire families.
  • Individual differences between spouses.
  • The two parties strive for perfection, and perfection is for God alone.

How to get rid of emotional deprivation

After noticing the signs of emotional deprivation in women, women should always strive to get rid of the void or emotional deprivation, through many ways that help the spouses to overcome this deprivation, it is possible for the wife to receive her husband after he returns from work, kiss him and laugh at him .

Husband and wife can send love and romance songs to each other on social media all day long, in order to express their feelings and emotions to each other, thus getting rid of feelings of emotional deprivation.

It is necessary for a woman to reject the way her husband neglects her, and to talk to him about this issue, so that he knows her suffering and knows the truth of her feelings.

If the woman remains silent and does not reveal the truth of her feelings, the man will not care and will not realize the extent of loneliness and fear controlling her, and thus their married life will be negatively affected.

The husband must realize that neglecting his wife is a form of injustice to her, and not offering her the rights she deserves, which leads to the destruction of your relationship and the failure of marital life between you. Therefore, the husband must set an example for his wife that he would like her to be.

Treating the emotional void of the wife

There are some steps that help get rid of the signs of emotional deprivation in women and help treat the emotional void, including:

  • Getting closer to God, adhering to prayer times, and reading the Qur’an.
  • Not to think about negative thoughts about the husband, in addition to dealing with the husband gently and flexibly.
  • It is essential that the two sides try to bring their points of view closer when discussing any problems between them.
  • Women have a spirit of tolerance, and they should overlook small matters.
  • It is necessary to determine the appropriate time to talk with the husband about his method and method with the wife, and to agree on a method and method of dealing.
  • Go to counseling seminars on marriage and family formation.
  • It is necessary for a woman to love herself, so that she can take good care of her husband and children.
  • Try to change the lifestyle and boring daily routine, get rid of stress and anxiety, and feel pressure.

In the end, and after we have learned about the signs of emotional deprivation in women and how to treat the emotional void between spouses, we advise you to follow the method of frankness and clarity with your partner, and the two parties to know all the rights and duties of the other party, in order for the spouses to enjoy a happy family life.

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