Prattville Council President Says Fitness Court to Help Bring Connectivity to City – Elmore-Autauga News

Prattville Council President Says Fitness Court to Help Bring Connectivity to City – Elmore-Autauga News

By Hamilton Richardson

Elmore Autauga News

Saturday was a big day for the City of Prattville as well as for Alabama as the ribbon was cut on the state’s first Outdoor Fitness Court, which resulted from a partnership between the city, the National Fitness Campaign and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

The Outdoor Fitness Court sits right near the Autauga Prattville Public Library at 246 Doster Street and is free for the public as the city continues to encourage citizens to get outside and thrive.

At the ribbon cutting, Prattville Mayor Bill Gillespie, Council President Lora Lee Boone and leaders of Blue Cross and Blue Shield spoke on the importance of the Fitness Court and the importance of fitness and health for the community.

“Being number one in the state on something. That’s great,” Gillespie said. “I’m proud that we are the first one in the state to have one and that’s great. It’s free, free, free. Who can argue with that? I hope more folks will use it. Quality of life and being able to have a little touch of southern hospitality is what we’re creating here on this corner. This helps tie in a part of our sidewalk and one-mile track for a lot of our seniors, our mothers, our children. It ties a lot of this together.”

Boone also offered her remarks to the crowd, saying, “What we are looking at in Parks and Recreation, and that’s a committee I’ve served on for a long time while being on the council, we’re seeing a lot of progress in Prattville in our park area. We’re starting to see connectivity and visibility. It’s walkable, its bikeable. It’s pedestrian friendly. People are going to know about this fitness park because its bright, its visible.”

Tim King, Manager of the Caring Foundation and Corporate Giving at BCBS, and Sophie Martin, Director of Corporate Communications and Community Relations with BCBS, also spoke on the great achievement that the new Fitness Court represents.

After comments, a demonstration and competition between members of the Air Force and the Alabama Army National Guard took place showing everyone how each exercise in the Fitness Court works. The Army National Guard came out victorious in the contest.

The Outdoor Fitness Court features seven functional training zones—Core, Squat, Push, Lunge, Pull, Agility and Bend—as well as thousands of bodyweight exercises and digital programming for adults of all ages and abilities. The court also allows users to connect to a fitness app that can be scanned onsite and access all the exercises as well as join local classes.

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