Practicality and beauty in the kitchen: the superior performance of SapienStone ceramic

Practicality and beauty in the kitchen: the superior performance of SapienStone ceramic

the kitchen has always been one of the most heavily used rooms in the home, subject to intensive use every day.
This makes it one of the spaces requiring renovation most frequently, to ensure its practicality, functionality and beauty
Kitchen renovations are also often required to incorporate numerous new high-tech appliances facilitating meal preparation and making time spent in the kitchen a more enjoyable experience.

Components subject to wear in the kitchen definitely include surfaces

Kitchen countertops, tables and consoles, islands and peninsulas are constantly in use and therefore continually in contact with utensils, liquids and potentially damaging products.
In addition to meal preparation, kitchen work tops also have very hot and freezing cold containers placed on them every day, and food is cut up on them using knives and other utensils that can cause scratching and abrasion. The presence of common acidic liquids such as lemon juice and vinegar, along with cleaning products, intensifies the criticality of the kitchen counter, exposing the worktop to the possibility of scratching and stains.

All these factors make it a good idea to use surface materials that are as resistant as possible in the kitchen, capable of preserving their original look unaltered over the years

Among the many surface materials available today for the kitchen and elsewhere, high-tech ceramic stands out for its performance, and particularly its combination of resistance and beautyas in the case of the materials designed and made specifically for the kitchen by SapienStonean Iris Ceramica Group fire.

Made of ceramic clays and mineral colours that remain unchanged as the years go by, SapienStone high-tech porcelain is not affected by light or by use of chemical cleaning products and disinfectants. Its resistance is certified under the highest industry standards, and is so high that it may also be used outdoorswhere it is exposed to even more risks, none of which affect SapienStone porcelainan entirely non-absorbent, compact material that will not allow liquids to penetrate its structure.

Aesthetically speaking, SapienStone is available in a wide range of colors to suit different styles of kitchen† From the most traditional kitchens featuring classic wood and marble to the most contemporary styles featuring natural stone and concreteSapienStone offers a great variety of solutions which are highly practical while offering a bold identity of their own.

The classic urban collections are particularly versatile, available in the Anthracite and Argentina version.
These modern, sophisticated colors are easy to mix and match. Then there is the classic style of Calacatta marbles, including traditional status and fascinating Macchia Vecchia
Solutions with a particularly high visual impact, embellished with the delicate touch of veining that elegantly criss-crosses the slabs.

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