mishler: Yoga instrustor Adriene Mishler’s fitness mantra: Being grateful, eating colorful & journaling to stay sharp

mishler: Yoga instrustor Adriene Mishler’s fitness mantra: Being grateful, eating colorful & journaling to stay sharp

International yoga instructor Adriene Mishler hosts the YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene, an online community of over 11 million subscribers, which provides high quality practices on yoga and mindfulness at no cost, to support and inspire people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds across the globe.

“I don’t think of yoga as fitness but of course as a path or practice that influences all of my activity, including fitness. I think it is about asking yourself, “What do I need today?” And then being willing to listen and respond,” she says.

In an interview with
ETPanacheMishler who recently tied up with adidas’ campaign Yoga Make Space, talks all about what fitness means to her and how she keeps her body and mind in good health.

just move:

I love to move. If I don’t move on a daily basis, I don’t feel like myself. I love to walk, to jog, and to run. I try to get on my mat every day whether it is for a contemplative flow, or a more heat building routine with friends. I enjoy paddle boarding, pilates, dance, and above all – hiking in nature.

Pandemic pause:

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In the pandemic, my workload and opportunities to show up through my offerings online (and on the ground in my hometown even) turned up to one hundred. While many of my friends and family had more time to themselves to experiment, I felt a lot of my personal time dwindle and I worked many hours showing up to talk, to teach, lead yoga, or assist in holding space for others. I also, as many did, stayed plugged in to the moment as a social responsibility. I am emerging from such a time feeling the need to dive back into my own practice, and to make space for my own mental, emotional, and physical health.

Power of three:

My top three activities would be yoga practice, running, and hiking. I am enjoying pilates these days as well as the reformer and I am learning tennis. I want to try pickleball.

food for thought:
My friends tease me that I always have snacks, and it’s true. I can’t go anywhere without a banana and or some nuts. I enjoy eating colorfully to keep sharp and present. I also love sharing meals over long conversations with others.

mind matters:

When it comes to keeping my mind sharp: I pray. I walk. I connect with friends. I challenge myself to learn new things, for example I am learning Spanish and am in a NeuroScience course. I give thanks. I love to read, a lot. I am getting back to journaling after a strange hiatus, and I love to play music, all kinds, including healing chants and mantras in the morning.

deep dive:

We are shifting towards an era of focusing on what looks good, to what feels good, and we all know why. It is indeed time to refocus and take a deeper dive into the ways in which we can better care for our mental health. I think a lot of it will involve making our understanding of our nervous system and the brain more accessible. I am here for it.

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