Make a conscious shift from chemical-based products to clean beauty products

Make a conscious shift from chemical-based products to clean beauty products

Applying products from elaborate skincare rituals is almost a mandatory part of most of our daily routines. And we are willing to go to any extent to achieve that radiant and healthy looking skin

right? But what we often overlook is the process by which we attain it. Now more than ever before,

it is essential to closely examine the ingredients that go into making our favorite beauty products.

Most beauty products are chemical based and contain toxins ranging from sulphates, parabens,

triclosan, phthalates, and silicones that are wrapped up in eye-catching packaging and promoted by top celebrities. Their outward appearance and popularity don’t discount the fact that some of the

chemicals might be harmful to your skin in the long run.

This is why clean beauty products are now the way to go. These products have been previously

contested on the premise that they are not as effective, have a shorter lifespan and are more

more expensive than other chemical filled products. However, these reasons are no longer applicable now

that the clean beauty product market has grown exponentially to the point where these products

are as effective as others and are fairly priced.

Using clean beauty products has become practical and beneficial due to health, environmental, and

ethical reasons. So here is why you should make a conscious shift from chemical-based products to

clean beauty products.

1. Health and quality- Our skin absorbs 60% of what is applied to it. And chemical-based beauty

products are often heavily loaded with several toxins that may have long term effects. For example,

these products can potentially lead to severe health problems such as skin cancer, endocrine

disorders which disrupt the production of necessary hormones. Some of these products can also be

ineffective and instead end up clogging pores which would lead to breakouts. clean beauty products

on the other hand are made up of natural ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile etc. Such natural

ingredients have been used for centuries and have proven extremely beneficial to the skin. thus,

with these products, you never have to worry about potential diseases or even rashes or infections

unless you are allergic to any specific ingredient. Moreover, Clean beauty products are also packed

better for your health!

2. Environmental reasons- It would come as no surprise that clean beauty products are better for the

environment. Clean products are made with eco-friendly materials that are taken straight from the

environment. On the other hand, the harmful chemicals used in several beauty products like

sulphates, triclosan etc are considered as toxic environmental pollutants. Thus, using clean beauty

products is one step towards living an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable lifestyle which is

essential to move towards as we progress into a period with several environmental concerns ranging

from climate change to pollution.

3. Ethical reasons- Most clean beauty brands are ethical as they are against animal cruelty and animal

testing. Animal testing is the process of testing beauty products on animals to test any possible side-

effects of the cosmetics. It is an inhumane activity since animals are experimented upon, harmed

and sometimes even killed for the benefit of large corporations. Hence, by choosing the most clean

beauty products, you can have a clear conscience knowing that no being had to suffer for your gain.

Thus, clean beauty products are definitely worth it and should not be missed out on!

With inputs from by Naina Ruhail, Co-CEO and founder of Vanity Wagon.

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