Kojima Horror Game Leak Sparks Debate About Leaks

Kojima Horror Game Leak Sparks Debate About Leaks

The long rumored Hideo Kojima horror game was leaked yesterday, taking fans and apparently Kojima himself by surprise. The report came from none other than known insider Tom Henderson, who later declined a request by Kojima Productions to remove his article. As with all other leaks, someone broke an NDA when they leaked the information that they were privy to, but what makes this case interesting is the heated debate that it has stirred in the gaming community about leaks and whether they are unethical or not.

Why the Kojima horror game leak has the gaming community divided

Shortly after the publication of his report, Henderson came under fire from some fellow journalists who argued that leaking an announcement shortly before a major event amounts to clout chasing and Henderson should have withheld his information. Others, like Jason Schreier, argued that the morality and ethics of leaks are up for debate but Henderson has no moral or legal obligation to withhold information that he received because the onus lies with the person who signs/breaks the NDA.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a major leak prior to an event, and certainly won’t be the last time we see one. However, the response to this particular leak has been unusually polarizing, perhaps because of Kojima being a revered figure in the games industry. Countless tweets by fans called upon Henderson to remove his report in light of Kojima’s request, with some expressing anger that the developer’s request was denied. Seeing fans and fellow journalists join forces to criticize Henderson is something one doesn’t see often.

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