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Is hesitation a psychological problem? And how is it treated?

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Is frequency a psychological problem ? A question that comes to the minds of many who suffer from the problem of hesitation, and it is a behavior that makes a person hesitant about an action because of fear and uncertainty in his mind. There is no person in the world who is far from hesitating in any situation he may encounter, but hesitation varies in degree from one person to another, and hesitation can cause a person to delay in making a decision, and it may reach an excessive state of hesitation that works on It hinders him greatly from carrying out his tasks in life and affects his fateful decisions.

Is frequency a psychological problem?

Man tends to excessive and permanent indecision as part of his personality, but what we know is that the development and exacerbation of this condition can lead a person to a serious mental illness that threatens his life.

As the advanced stages of excessive hesitation are restricted to the stage of mental disorder , which is called or known as Apollomania syndrome, which is the weak will of the individual and his inability to make the simplest daily decisions, such as eating any type of food.

It is mostly related to stress, anxiety, depression and psychological pain, noting that it must be treated and not neglected, because it can lead to suicide.

The treatment of hesitation in a romantic relationship

The treatment of hesitation in the emotional relationship lies in the following:

  • Ask yourself , is hesitation a psychological problem and is the crisis in the relationship or in the other party: that is, is the hesitation in the relationship a result of that relationship or with all relationships, and to determine your answer accurately, can you imagine yourself with another person if the answer is yes and you like this, the problem is the problem In the person, and if the answer is no, the problem lies in how you feel about the connection in general, which makes you hesitant.
  • Arrange your priorities: The hesitation in the relationship can be the result of not placing that relationship in your priorities, as a result of which you do not want to occupy this large space in your life and also do not want it to take all the time from your thinking, so you must arrange your priorities and accordingly if you append That existing relationship is useless.
  • Be clear with yourself: this is by talking to the other party about your relationship and your future and what your expectations are regarding it, as emotional relationships work to unite separated people into one entity, meaning that you should not be alone with your thoughts, but rather you should involve the other party with them, And you talk about it with him, and as long as you have faced the problem of hesitation in the emotional relationship, the best solution to confront it is to speak clearly and attack it, because clarity is the opposite of hesitation and it will work to erase it.

Indecisiveness in making decisions

Many people are looking for an answer to the question , is hesitation a psychological problem and how to get rid of it in making their decision, due to the exacerbation of this problem among many people and societies and the difficulty of making appropriate decisions, and the following are effective ways to get rid of that hesitation:

  • Setting goals: Setting goals contributes to a person’s thinking about what he wants, which encourages him to think about his future without hesitation to achieve his goal.
  • Getting rid of fear: The individual can get rid of fear by thinking logically and getting rid of the delusional thoughts that go through him in all stages of his life.
  • Building self-confidence : This is done by identifying strengths and weaknesses, reconciling with oneself, strengthening personality, and achieving mental health.
  • Remember the achievements: Achieving victory contributes to achieving other victories after it, and makes the person able to continue to develop himself and his skills and repeat his victories.
  • Taking responsibility for making decisions: A person must be very aware of his decisions, with his knowledge of the pros and cons that can result in a sound decision.

Apollomania syndrome

Excessive frequency develops until it reaches the stage of mental disorder, and this condition is called apollomania syndrome, and it expresses the weak will of the individual and excessive hesitation in making the simplest ordinary daily decisions, which makes him always wonder whether hesitation is a psychological problem . It results in suicide.

This syndrome occurs because of the oppressive style of the father and mother in raising their children, which affects their behavior and independence afterwards.

Often, the father and mother of a person with Apollemia Syndrome do not express their feelings, and tend to dominate within the family, which results in the emergence of a son who feels suspicious of his ability to complete his tasks and take on new responsibilities, and his lack of ability to help others around him.

Symptoms of Apollomania

Regarding the symptoms of apollomania syndrome, they are as follows:

  • Difficulty making decisions without receiving support from others.
  • Feeling of a problem with expression in case of disagreement with others.
  • Avoid being alone and avoid taking on personal responsibilities.
  • Confusion from rejection or criticism and an individual’s focus on fear of letting go of things.
  • Significant negativity in emotional relationships, and a feeling of distress when they end.

Causes of excessive frequency

There are a lot of reasons that lead to excessive frequency, and they are as follows:

  • The search for perfection: It is possible that the search for perfection is the best decision, especially in the case of the desire to take major and fateful decisions, which are one of the most important reasons for hesitation, and often the individual wants to be completely sure of the decision before making it, so it may take time Long thinking until he makes his right decision, to avoid making wrong decisions.
  • Lack of self-confidence: In the case of a person’s lack of confidence and inability to make the right decision by himself and his doubts about his choices, this may make him unconfident in himself and keep wondering whether hesitation is a psychological problem and may generate a person’s lack of self-confidence as a result of going through many bad experiences that happened to him in the past When making a decision, or in the habit of listening and acting on the opinions of others.
  • Lack of desire to take responsibility: Many are afraid of making their own decisions because of their fear of taking responsibility, as making decisions, whether good or bad, is due to direct or potential consequences, so the person’s unwillingness to take responsibility will be a barrier to making the decision.
  • Having many choices: It is possible for a person to be hesitant as a result of having many choices in front of him when making a decision. For example, if a person has limited choices, it will be easier for him to choose between them compared to another person who has many options and not hesitate.


Many people are looking for an answer to the question of whether hesitation is a psychological problem , especially if they are excessively hesitant, and as it is known, a person is hesitant by nature and this is considered part of his personality, but if the condition develops and increases, a person may suffer a serious mental illness that threatens his life greatly.

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