iPhone 13 available for as low as Rs 52,900 but with conditions

iPhone 13 available for as low as Rs 52,900 but with conditions

Apple iPhone 13 is now over six months old but it is the company’s latest and will remain so until the iPhone 14 arrives later this year. Since the iPhone 13 will soon be an old model, it may see an official price cut right around the time when the next iPhone model is launched. However, if you are planning to buy the iPhone 13 right away, there is a deal that you should check out. Also Read – Samsung will supply over 80 million OLED panels for iPhone 14 series

The iPhone 13 is available for as low as Rs 52,900 right now. Apple Authorized Reseller India, iStore, is selling the iPhone 13 with discounts, cashbacks, and bonus offers on exchanges. But there are certain conditions here that you need to meet to be able to get the deal. In other words, if you have a certain card and a particular model to trade in, you can buy the iPhone 13 for Rs 52,900. Before I tell you about what these conditions are, let us get the original price and availability details out of our way. Also Read – Apple will let you bypass CAPTCHAs on iPhones with iOS 16

iPhone 13’s official price is Rs 79,900, but that is the price you will likely pay only at Apple’s online store. Everywhere else, for instance, there is going to be some sort of discount. But the best deal right now on the iPhone 13 is available at the India iStore. However, if you want to get your hands on the Green color variant, you are out of luck. It is currently out of stock in the store right now. If you are particularly looking for the Green color variant, you can buy that from the Apple online store, where no discounts are up for grabs right now. Also Read – Apple AirTag 2nd generation could be in works: Here’s what to expect

iPhone 13 discount offer

Let us talk about the deal now. The iPhone 13 128GB is available with a discount of Rs 5000 in the store. That brings down the price of the iPhone 13 to Rs 74,900. But for further discounts, you will have to meet the conditions.

The first condition is that only an HDFC card can be used to get the Rs 4,000 cashback. It could be a credit card or a debit card issued by HDFC Bank. After the cashback is slashed from the discounted price, you will end up paying Rs 70,900 effectively. Now the tricky part is getting the discount on your old phone.

According to the website of India iStore, an iPhone XR 64GB in “good condition” is eligible for a value of Rs 18,000. That is how — by trading in your iPhone XR — you can get the iPhone 13 for as low as Rs 52,900. Now, I said tricky because the platform has not defined what “good condition” means here. It could be an iPhone used very sparingly. Or, it could be a device used extensively but without any major damage. It could also be an iPhone that has minor damage but works properly. Depending on what condition the company deems your iPhone XR in, the exchange value will be decided. That may or may not be Rs 18,000, so even if the offer sounds lucrative, it comes with certain conditions that you should keep in mind.

India iStore has calculated the value of an iPhone XR 64GB, but it will accept other models for exchange, as well. That will also affect the exchange price. An iPhone 11 or an iPhone 12 will get you a better value, while a model as old as iPhone 8 will get you a lower exchange value.

— Shubham Verma

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