Hailey Bieber’s Skincare Line Launch Dragged by Beauty Influencer

Hailey Bieber’s Skincare Line Launch Dragged by Beauty Influencer

With the launch of her skincare line Rhode Skin, Hailey Bieber joined a long list of celebrities who have ventured into the beauty industry. However, the brand’s launch party attracted criticism from a beauty influencer.

An influencer named Iris Beilin took to her Instagram story to document her experience at the event. The story is no longer available on Instagram, but you can see it in full here.

Although she complimented the launch’s food and vibe, she said that Bieber did not interact with most of the people in attendance. Instead, she reportedly spent her time with close friends like Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

“We’re giving them their space,” Beilin said. “We’re like, ‘We want to take a picture with you. We want a little content. It’s your brand. We want to hear about it. We’re excited about this brand that you created.'”

Beilin claimed that Bieber was not responsive. The beauty guru tried to be understanding.

“And listen, I totally understand. Probably the girl has anxiety. She don’t come from this background,” Beilin said. “But if you’re coming out with a brand, you have to talk, mamita. Like, you created this. This is your baby. Tell me why you love it. Tell me why I should change the moisturizer that I’m using to use yours.”

While she complimented Bieber’s friends, especially Kylie, for attending the event and complimenting the brand, she still said it was “awkward” and highlighted that Bieber “would not get out of her bubble with her friends that she sees every day to take pictures with people who took time out of their day to support her event.”

Beilin’s comments were seemingly called into question so she replied with another video. It has since been taken down, but portions of it were documented on Twitter.

In the video she explained that she was “excited” for the party and looking forward to getting content with Bieber. Additionally, she said that she was expecting Bieber to make a statement, which did not happen.

She added that some people asked for photos, but that there was confusion about how and when to approach Bieber.

“I never said she was a mean girl,” Beilin clarified. “I never said anything about her because I didn’t even approach her.”

“The event wasn’t horrible. It was beautiful,” she explained. “It was just no organization.”

Check out the content below:

Despite the news about the seemingly awkward launch party, Rhode Skin is shaping up to be a success for Bieber.

The brand announced that it had sold out of all of its products and promised a restock in a celebratory post on Instagram. Check it out below:

They also shared several posts documenting the launch party that included photos and video footage of Bieber interacting with some of her guests. Check out both posts below:

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