Grand Lake Mental Health Center is now GRAND Mental Health |  news

Grand Lake Mental Health Center is now GRAND Mental Health | news

Grand Lake Mental Health Center is now GRAND Mental Health.

The organization has changed its name to reflect its reach and mission of providing world-class mental health services to those living in northcentral and northeastern Oklahoma.

“The name GRAND Mental Health better reflects our innovative work,” Chief Executive Officer Larry Smith said. “Mental health incidents are drastically on the rise, and the need for effective trauma-informed services has never been greater. I’m incredibly proud of the supportive environment we provide so Oklahomans can achieve a better quality of life, and we believe this new name aligns with that mission.”

Under GRAND Mental Health, clients will see no change in the services received from this Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic. Its expert staff currently serve more than 10,000 clients through its 20 clinics across 12 counties in northcentral and northeastern Oklahoma.

The original clinic opened 43 years ago 18 miles west of Grand Lake of the Cherokees in northeastern Oklahoma. Since then, the organization has expanded services to 12 counties across the northern part of the state.

With a staff of more than 1,300 employees, GRAND Mental Health uses an anytime, anywhere approach to get mental health care to those in need. Utilizing thousands of iPads, the organization can connect clients to a full array of therapy services at a touch of a button, 24 hours a day. The same technology was deployed to law enforcement partners, who can connect to mental health professionals while they are on duty to help troubleshoot a mental health crisis.

GRAND operates three 24/7 Crisis Centers allowing for immediate critical care to those in mental health crisis. The organization continues to cultivate new initiatives to support those who need mental health services in rural Oklahoma.

“Our new name mirrors all the good we are doing in Oklahoma,” Chief Operating Officer Josh Cantwell said. “We continue to grow and innovate to improve the quality of life of our neighbors and serve those in our state who don’t always have easy access to mental health care.”

GRAND Mental Health will be opening a Brief Stay Therapeutic Home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in the summer of 2022. This first-of-its-kind therapy home will allow families in crisis to receive intensive treatment as a family unit, with the goal of keeping children in a stable home and out of state custody.

GRAND Mental Health has launched a new website at reflecting its new logo with a clean, easy-to-read look for clients and the public.

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