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Returning to feeling lonely, how to deal with it, and we will explain to you the difference between solitude and loneliness. The feeling of loneliness results when a person does not find those who need them and is unable to communicate with them. As for solitude, it is an escape from being and communicating with people. And there are many signs that confirm the existence of a feeling of loneliness, and this feeling can lead to a lot of psychological damage, such as sleep disturbances and the inability to make any decisions, as well as physical damage such as diabetes or heart disease. That and work to treat it to avoid any damage.

What is loneliness

Before knowing how to return to feeling lonely and how it behaves from you, you must first know, in addition to the factors and reasons that lead to this bad feeling, it is a psychological response resulting from sitting alone and staying away from all ways of social communication, but this feeling is unintentional or deliberate but rather It motivates the individual to communicate with others.

Loneliness differs from isolation, as isolation is a deliberate psychological trick that the individual chooses to avoid any social contact, thus not feeling lonely and self-sufficient. As for the feeling of loneliness, it may sometimes occur when you are in the midst of people, but you feel that they are not around you, meaning that there is no effect on them in Your life and you don’t feel intimate or have any emotional feelings between the two of you.

Studies indicate that every person feels lonely at some point in his life and that loneliness is not always a bad feeling in the event that it is short-term, it pushes the individual to establish new social relationships and develop old relationships, but it is very harmful if this feeling continues for a longer period It is a sign of mental disorder and internal imbalance.

Causes of loneliness

When seeking to return to feeling lonely, how it distracts you, you must know the causes of loneliness, which include the following:

  • There are internal causes resulting from psychological disorder, such as¬†the introverted personality¬†.
  • An introvert chooses loneliness and feels that social relationships are stressful.
  • One needs to have many but good relationships, not multiple and lukewarm ones.
  • One feels lonely when emotional feelings are missing, as he needs a girlfriend or a close friend.
  • Lack of closeness in existing relationships, such as work relationships or family relationships, if they are cold.
  • Excessive caution is one of the most dangerous causes of loneliness, as the individual avoids any new or close relationship.
  • A cautious person thinks before entering into any new relationship about the negative consequences and consequences that may result from that relationship.
  • However, he does not think about the social and emotional benefits to be reaped from that relationship.
  • Fear of showing the true nature of the person to society and hiding close relationships from others, fear of failure of those relationships.
  • Drowning in the past causes you to tend to desire loneliness, fear of psychological harm in a new relationship.
  • Negative upbringing and oppression in childhood cause a person to feel socially rejected.

Signs of loneliness

Find out if you are lonely or not and how much you need to return to feeling lonely and how to dismiss it from you through the following signs:

  • Shopping addiction and the desire to buy permanently even when you don’t need it.
  • Difficulty sleeping, increased insomnia, and thinking about negative things.
  • Sitting for long hours on social networks without talking to anyone and watching TV.
  • Obesity and weight gain are signs of loneliness, as they cause hormonal imbalance and increase appetite to fill the void.
  • Exaggerated analysis of any problem facing a person who feels lonely, no matter how small.
  • Create more than one scenario for the simple things that the individual feels in his daily life and escalate their results.
  • The individual tends to the same people who feel psychologically lonely, they are similar to him in the same feelings that may seem positive.
  • One of the symptoms of loneliness is a preference for watching series or movies rather than going out with friends or sitting with them.

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