A Martinsville man and his vintage Ford coupe

A Martinsville man and his vintage Ford coupe

MARTINSVILLE — I found Roger Stiles and his old Ford on the Morgan County Square this past Thursday, returning after a trip there last month when I first saw the car.

A Martinsville man and his vintage Ford coupe

Stiles still hasn’t washed or waxed the 1935 five-window coupe like he said he would. His 1969 Harley Davidson has needed some work, and he’s been having trouble with his back.

“I’ll be getting to it,” the 66-year-old Martinsville man said.

The setting sun shines on a 1935 Ford in downtown Martinsville.

The car is a 48 Model standard. It was included in a recent two-part My Favorite Ride series where readers were challenged to identify six cars by headlights alone. Stiles’ Ford was my favorite.

Part I:Identify these cars by their headlights and maybe you’ll win a prize

Part II:Alex Tanford knows a lot about the law. And headlights.

The windshield unlatches and tilts forward to create an interior breeze on sultry summer days. The rear window actually rolls down, so back-seat passengers can talk to riders in the rumble seat, a standard feature during this automobile production era.

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