6 Tips to Better Your Sleep in 2022

6 Tips to Better Your Sleep in 2022

Getting your sleep to improve takes time. You might have to try out different tools and techniques before finding what works best for you. Regardless of the trial-and-error period, if you keep at it, you will figure out what you need to get a good night’s sleep. Take advantage of all the tools at your disposal, and find what works for you! Here are six suggestions for improving your sleep in 2022.

1. Make Your Room Cozy

Do what you can to keep your room a cozy space for sleep. Get new blankets, a new bedspread, and fluffier pillows. Get a new mattress, such as a hybrid mattress, and update your sheets so that you feel comfortable during the night. Make sure your room is clean, airy, and bug free! If you have any unwanted pests in your room be sure to call ant control services† Whatever you need to do to make your bed a comfy space, do so. This way, you have a better chance of enhancing your sleep this year.

2. Listen To Recordings

Some people need a distraction to fall asleep. If you use noise-canceling earbuds or headphones as you do this, you get the bonus of blocking out snoring any outside sound in the process. Whether you enjoy listening to podcasts, guided meditations, or sleep stories, you can use these recordings to soothe yourself into sleep.

3. Put Your Phone On The Other Side Of The Room

Not everyone is a morning person, and this fact can result in tons of reasons to hit the snooze button, almost unconsciously, as you muster back into whatever slumber you were immersed in.

If instead, you put your phone on the other side of the room, you have to get up to turn off your alarm clock† After a few minutes, your patience will grow thin, and you will most likely get up to turn off your alarm. Not only will you have accomplished this, but you will have gotten up in the process!

4. Go To Bed Early

Sometimes, what makes falling asleep so tricky is the pressure to fall asleep. If you go to bed early enough, you’ll give your body enough time to wind down and stop caring about falling asleep so you can actually achieve your goal! This way, you don’t miss out on getting enough sleep from tossing and turning your way through your most key sleeping hours; you give yourself a head start.

5. Consider Your Internal Clocks

Everyone has internal body clocks that fall in line with circadian rhythms and the rise and fall of the sun.

You can achieve a more consistent and restful sleep by teaching your body how to respond to these natural signals. Our daily exposure to artificial light and stress can interfere with our ability to get good sleep each night.

Training our minds to rely on our circadian rhythms allows us to sleep better, as nature intended. Use tools that help you prioritize your body clockslike smart alarm clocks that mimic these natural changes.

6. Do A Brain Drain Exercise

To calm your mind before bed, write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Give your mind a break it needs from processing all of this during the day. By giving your mind an outlet to calm down, you can more easily transition into a state of relaxation when you are ready.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to get better sleep this year, know that you are well-quipped with the technology you need to get there. Whether it’s something simple like a sleep app or something more specific like using red lighting at night, you can create the right environment to help you drift off to dreamland.

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